GlobalLife Education Consulting guides students from all backgrounds through the transition to college.


GlobalLife Education Consulting guides students from all backgrounds through the transition to college.

Become a more connected global citizen as you transition to college.

Become a more connected global citizen as you transition to college.


First Year Support

Whether you are in your first year of college or in the middle of your gap year program we offer support services to make sure you have access to resources to help you have a successful transition.  Culture shock is common and can happen anywhere – even in your home country.  Our support services ensure you have the expert guidance you need for a healthy transition.

Admission Interview Preparation

Are you looking for opportunities to practice for your admission interviews?  Here at GlobalLife Education Consulting we have the expertise to help prepare for your admission interviews.  You will gain the confidence you need to communicate with admission representatives.

College Guidance

We offer students and families expert advice and individualized support on the entire college admission process from high school curriuclum and extra curriclular planning to submitting college applications.  Our guidance helps reduce stress and find the best fit college for you.

Gap Semester/Year Options

Did you know that there are many opportunities for you to take time for experiential learning here in the U.S. or abroad?  And, that there are resources for funding this time to explore?  We can provide you all the resources you need to find the best fit gap program(s).

Essay Support

Need guidance with your college essay or supplemental application questions?  Quality one on one sessions are available to help guide you through the brainstorming process all the way through the final draft.

Summer Planning

Summer opportunities abound in the U.S. or abroad.  You may be interested in taking classes, volunteering, or doing an internship.  We are here to help you understand your options and help guide you to your best fit summer programs.


Hi! I’m Stashia!

(pronounced ‘stay sha’)

I believe anyone can be a global citizen no matter where you live.  From my 25+ years of experience in international education, I have seen how much a student gains from being globally minded.  It’s LIFE CHANGING (in a very good way)! 

I have studied abroad in college, worked as an English teacher for non-native English speakers both in the U.S. and abroad, and have continued to guide both international and U.S. students in their college educational planning throughout my higher education career.  And this is what I’ve learned:

The students most successful in their transition to college and beyond have been prepared to live in our increasingly diverse world.  

I created GlobalLife Education Consulting to offer students and families guidance in preparing for college whether it be here in the U.S. or abroad.  I offer globally-minded services that make a difference in students’ lives with a genuine simple approach to take the edge off the college admission process.   

Whether students are interested in taking a gap year, learning English essay tips, or searching for college admission guidance, all of these global services can be found through GlobalLife Education Consulting.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go abroad to receive GlobalLife Education Consulting services?

Absolutely NOT!  You can choose to participate in a summer program, gap year program or attend college in a variety of locations.  We help guide you to programs that meet your needs AND help you become a more connected global citizen no matter where you are.

Can I choose more than one GlobalLife Education Consulting service?

Yes! GlobalLife Education Consulting services offers comprehensive packages, mini packages, and hourly services.  You have the option to pick a service (s) with flexibility to stack your services for your customized needs.

How old are most students when they start planning for summer, gap, and/or college options?

We recommend thinking about summer plans early in high school.  Summer programs look different for each student and it is good to know your options and program requirements. Gap and college planning typically is more focused toward the end of sophomore year through senior year.

For Gap students, will I stay on track to go to college?

Research shows that 90% of students who take an intentional gap year attend college the following year. Many colleges encourage students to take a gap year with over 150 colleges offering a deferral process.

How expensive is it to take a Gap Year?

With all the different options, the cost of a gap year can meet any budget.  Some gappers divide up the gap year working in between gap semesters to help cover the costs while others work in the summers leading up to their gap year.  There are also many gap year providers that offer scholarship opportunities.